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New pages: The June 1910 Rouen meeting!

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:33 am
by Anders
The latest pages have been up a couple of days and are now fine-tuned and ready for you!

The Rouen meeting was very successful, attracting 20 flyers and large crowds, despite difficult weather. The big stars were Léon Morane and Hubert Latham, but Bertram Dickson and Bartolomeo Cattaneo made more flights. The total distance flown exceeded those of any previous meetings and there were a number of accidents and incidents, so there's a lot to tell. The meeting was reported in detail both in the local press and in the sports press, so it's one of the largest installments - the "events" pages contains almost 6,000 words. It was also well covered by several postcard publishers, so in total there are well over 60 photos.

You can find the pages here!