New book about the German Wrights

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New book about the German Wrights

Postby Anders » Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:13 pm

Stefan Blumenthal has written the book "Die Gebrüder Wright & F.C. Klose - Eine frühe deutsch-amerikanische Handelsbeziehung" (Netteverlag, ISBN 978-3-940062-20-8).


In around 100 well-illustrated pages this very nicely produced little (15x21 cm) hardback book describes the rather troubled history of the German Wright operation and the man behind it, Friederich Karl Klose. It has lots of illustrations and is printed with big font, but I learned several new things about the company and its dealings with the difficult Wright brothers. At only EUR 13.95 I think it's very good value for money.


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